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What it takes to be loved by men

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Ⅰ. The rapid growth of men’s beauty

  • The size of the global men’s cosmetics market stood at $47.2 billion as of 2015. The number is expected to reach $60.7 billion by 2020, according to Euromonitor. The expected 5-year CAGR is 5.2%.
  • Korea and Japan have been maintaining a high single digit growth rate for years in this category.

Figure1. Global men’s cosmetics market | Source: Euromonitor

Figure2. Men’s cosmetics market growth trend by country | Source:Euromonitor

Ⅱ. Sales trend and related keywords in the local market

  • Sales revenue of products sold under the keyword ‘men’ in Taobao/Tmall during June 2019 is 550 million yuan(approximately 94.6 billion won).
  • The proportion of men’s cosmetics sales recorded around 2.5% of total cosmetics sales of June, and is on monthly upward trend.


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  • Top 10 keywords associated with ‘men’ are shown in the table below. Two main characteristics of male consumers can be inferred from this:
    1) High demand for basic skincare products such as cleanser or lotion
    2) Sensitive about how the product feels on the skin (Breathable, Refreshing, Comfortable, etc)

Ⅲ. Best products and their features

  • L’oreal ranked the top in men’s cosmetics brand in the first half of the year, and also listed two of their products on Top 5 products list. Its popularity can be attributed to the followings:

    – L’oreal particularly empasizes the fresh texture and feeling of their products. The product description usually highlights ‘oil control’ or ‘freshness’, which consumers often mention in their review.
    – The products are usually sold in sets rather than by a single product. Sets include only the most essential skincare products, making it easier to use even for men who are unfamiliar with using cosmetics products.

    – The product that ranked No.1 is a set consisting of cleansers, moisturizing gel and cream. The price is higher than others on the product ranking list, but not as high considering that it is a set product.

    – L’oreal is an easily reachable brand, both available online and offline.

    – L’oreal(424,625 ingagement in the first half of 2019) is the most actively marketed brand on the online platform after Biotherm(837,033). L’oreal has various KOLs promoting the products on its official Weibo account, which is contrary to many men’s cosmetics brands which lack social media activities.

    – Also, L’oreal raised the awareness of their products by collaborating with Laikuanlin, a well-known idol in China and Korea. Having a male idol to promote their products can largely appeal to female consumers since there are many women buying men’s cosmetics for their boyfriends, brothers, or friends.

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