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Thank you all for coming to the 2020 Next China Seminar in Tokyo

Posted by MeasureChina
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Hello, This is MeasureChina!

Thank you all for coming to the 2020 NEXT CHINA SEMINAR in Tokyo.

We hope this seminar was helpful for those who are interested in the
fast-changing cosmetics market in China.

If you have any questions about China’s beauty trends, data or anything about the China market, please feel free to contact us!

Tel: +82 70-7014-3010

Thank you again!
– MeasureChina Team – 



Seminar Presentation (Highlight ver.)


2019 trends in China beauty market to forecast on 2020
Deep dive into “Platform,” “Category” and “Big Event” by the detailed number of cosmetic products sold in Tmall / Taobao

Announcement Data Range :
– Analyzed total of 80K brands, 63.69 million products, 1.5 billion transactions



What should the Japanese cosmetic companies need to be focus to be successful in the China market?
Chisako Hirose, a cosmetic product development consultant, and well-known columnist of Syukan Syogyo will explain details on how Japanese cosmetic companies from small and medium-sized businesses to large companies need to focus when targeting China market



China Beauty Trends and Features of Growing Global Brands
Co-Founder and CCO of Jumeili (a well-known beauty media company) analyze the beauty market in China looking at a range of cases from Asian and Western brands



Tailoring Product Development Strategies to Different Distribution Channels for J-Beauty Brands
How and why product development needs to be optimized for various Chinese distribution networks. And which products are gaining popularity on different distribution networks?



Successful Story of K-Beauty
How did K-Beauty succeed in China? We look at a successful concept development story for the Chinese market, highlighting what to avoid and where to concentrate your resources



Strategy Planning for Japanese and Western Brands
What to consider when entering the Chinese market — a view from a brand consultant of Shiseido and P&G China

The Rise of China’s Fashion and Beauty Pride — what can we learn from past mistakes in branding
How can foreign brands better address the growing cultural pride of Chinese consumers through visual branding? Valuable lessons from jewelry, fashion, and skincare industries as global and Chinese brands revamp their appeal to millennial’s cultural pride



Lead Change in Retail: Detonating Smart Marketing
Interpretation of China’s beauty consumption trends and in-depth look at SK-II’s successful marketing in Jingdong. Introducing



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