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Sunscreen Market in China Heating up! Be Prepared with Data Insights!

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Sunscreen is never a topic merely for summer. Do you know that the market of sun care products starts to heat up from as early as December? This is exactly  time for beauty brands to get warmed up for this year's product strategies! Take a look at what the 2020 market data can reveal. 


Overview: soaring growth of the sunscreen market in China

MeasureCommerce 's big data of e-commerce revealed a soaring growth of the Sun Care Category on China's biggest e-commerce platform Taobao and Tmall (the Alibaba Group) since the January of 2020.

Despite the influence of the corona pandemic, the overall sales of skincare products in China continued to grow in 2020 , among which the particularly noteworthy growth falls on the sun care category, increasing 28% compared with the previous year and achieving a cumulative sale of over 6.72 billion RMB.


Brands: Asian skincare brands prevail

Sunscreen brands from Japan, China, and Korea dominate the best-selling rank, occupying more than 70% share of the sunscreen market.

Share of accumulated sunscreen sales by country (Jan 2019 ~ Oct 2020)


The best-seller in 2020 is still the unsurpassable Japanese product ANESSA, with a yearly sales growth of 29%. ANESSA has four major lines of products based on functions and skin types - the fresh line, the soothing line, the hydrating line, and the makeup line - among which the “moisturizing“ and "refreshing" line came out the best in 2020.

ANESSA sunscreen: UV protection veil


Image from the ANESSA official website


Feature: "moisturizing" and "pore minimizing" catches the spotlight

Products targeting the ‘moisturizing’ feature won the mind of Chinese consumers with a sales share of 36% among all product features, followed by skin regeneration, refreshing, and brightening.

Furthermore, although not reflected on the sales performance so far, consumers are increasingly looking for products with "pore minimizing" and "UV skin soothing" features, each with a strong growth rate of 200% and 360% in sale.

Year on year sales growth by sunscreen features (Jan 2020 - Oct 2020)

Category:sunblock cream and spray are loved by consumers

According to the subdivision of the sales report, sunblock cream accounts for the highest sales proportion of almost 82% among other product textures , witnessing a year on year sales growth of 20%.

Sunblock spray products remain popular among Chinese consumers with a sales growth of 28% thanks to its portable feature and the extra cooling effect. However, worries about insufficient UV-resistant effect are found to increase in social media platforms. Brands should pay attention to this, and develop marketing strategies to address such concerns.

Share of accumulated sunscreen sales by texture (Jan 2019 ~ Oct 2020)

Consumers: market of young ladies and male shows potential

According to MeasureCommerce's dashboard, the majority of consumers who search "sunblock cream" related keywords in the e-commerce platforms are women under 30 (70%), which gives the hint why products started to use keywords like "women students" in the product description and content marketing campaigns  (increased by 8%).

Another signature of the keyword search analysis is male consumers' increased interest in this cosmetics category, as almost 30% of consumers who search the sun care product category are men. 

Percentage of searches by age group with the keyword of "sunblock cream"


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