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Single’s day series5: Review of Single’s day 2019

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  • Gross merchandize value of Tmall Single’s day exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time in 2012 with a record of 19.1 billion, and have been growing at an average rate of 46% since then. This year the GMV hit 268.4 billion yuan, 25% increase from last year.

  • According to MeasureChina, cosmetics sales on Tmall and Taobao from October 21st to November 11th is over 25 billion yuan. This is 1.9 times of sales of September. Total 65 brands succeeded in hitting 100 million yuan sales.

Overseas brands outperformed

  • On cumulative revenue from January to September this year(Top 100 brands), Chinese brands took 38% of the total market. During Single’s day period, Chinese brand presence dropped by 5%p to 33%, while French and US brands raised their market share by 2%p and 4%p each.

Local brands with unique approach

  • MeasureChina picked 12 brands out of those who recorded sales over 100 million yuan to analyze their marketing case and performance during Single’s day
  • Numerous brands showed great performance and increased market share. Of these brands, we focus on one specific brand that had a different approach for Single’s day, which is Perfect Diary.


Pre-sales volume equivalent to 10% of total sales

  • Perfect Diary’s pre-sales volume was 95 thousand units, and total volume was over 10 million. Unlike other brands, non pre-sales products contributed most to total sales. Since the beginning of November, the brand has disclosed and promoted products that would go on sales.


In pre-sales: A set of 3 bottles of remover for 90 yuan vs In non pre-sales: A 1+1 product for 52 yuan
In pre-sales set, only the first 100,000 people could get the set of three bottles; whereas in non pre-sales, anyone could buy the product 1+1, without any limitation on amount.
This led consumers to make purchases after pre-sales.




  • Removers sold 160 thousand units during pre-sales, while they sold 800 thousand after pre-sales. Pre-sales products of Perfect diary mostly consisted of their new products such as Chinese geography edition eye shadows and new shades of lipgloss and maximized the marketing function of the pre-sales period.

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