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Single’s day series4. 2019 Single’s day Cosmetics Brand Rankings

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I. 2019 Single’s day Festival Summary

Single’s day Festival is China’s largest discount event of the year.
This time the festival lasted for 3 weeks, from October 21st to November 11th.
The festival was divided into two: presale period (October 21-November 10), in which the consumers could reserve a purchase, and then the actual event day (November 11).
Consumers pay the deposit of the goods they want to purchase within the reservation(presale) period, and then pay the balance between 0-2pm on the day of the event.
With the balance paid by consumers plus the amount of new purchases, a GMV of 268.6 billion yuan (44 trillion won) occurred in one day on November 11th. (Source: Tmall)


Ⅱ. Presale volume by category

Below, MeasureChina is disclosing the cumulative presale volume of 600 brands for the whole period of the single’s day festival.
Out of total presales, 49% occurred in skincare, while mask packs, color makeup, and cleanser accounted for 15%, 13%, 11% respectively. Base makeup contributed the remaining 11%.
We categorized our presale items by category, and brand ranking by category is summarized as follows.


MeasureChina has also collected presale trend and marketing activities of those 600 brands during the festival period.
Our team of analysts has reclassified the presale products according to the category classifiers and analyzed characteristics by brand/category/ country.
We have also compared the promotions, giveaways, and product composition of the top brands to find correlations with presale volume. 
Our clients can check out the “Single’s day strategy of the year” suggested by MeasureChina. 
(* MeasureCommerce: MeasureChina’s Data Analysis Solution on Taobao/Tmall sales)


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