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Single’s day series3: Limited edition and new launches of color makeup brands

Posted by MeasureChina

Series3 focuses on color makeup brands’ Single’s day limited edition and newly launched products

  • MeasureChina has picked and analyzed a total of 87 brands including Top 25 from China, Top 15 from Japan/Korea/US/France and major brands from other countries(MAC, Armani, etc.) on their collaborated and newly launched products. MeasureChina have found two features in common among Single’s day limited editions.
  1. 1. Easy-to-carry packaging
  2. 2. Usage of stars & gold colors
  • Marie Dalgar have launched a new line of Knight lipstick series(骑士小金管), made by French team of designers and targeted for Single’s day. The product recorded more than 20,000 units of pre-sales volume within 30 minuted of launching. There are three factors that can be attributed to its success.
  1. 1. Personification concept
  2. 2. Improved convenience with technology
  3. 3. Successful performance due to Wanghong marketing

Limited edition: MINI packaging for easier mobility

ARMANI and BOBBI BROWN launched MINI version of their hit products.

ARMANI launched MINI lipstick set of its best selling lip maestro colors: #405 SULTAN, #400 THE RED, #200 TERRA, and #501CASUAL PINK. BOBBI BROWN released a MINI highlighter that is half the size of the original. As of November 1st, the pre-sales volume of these two products were 41,779 and 17,079 units, respectively.

  • Also, many brands have incorporated the usage of star shapes and gold colors to create glittery and elegant image. Out of 6 brands that actively used these factors, 5 were global brands.
  • Limited editions in lipsticks were a trend conventionally led by global brands, but this year CHANDO has come up with a star-shaped lipstick and promoted the product with catchphrases such as “国潮崛起(Rapid growth of local brands)” or “星动中国(Star of China).” This captured many local consumers, leading to more than 90 thousand units in pre-sales volume as of November 1st.
  • MAC and ARMANI released a repackaged version of their respective best selling colors of lipstick. Both brands’ pre-sales volume exceeded 100 thousand units as of Nov. 1st, and MAC’s #lady bug golden star limited edition was sold out way ahead.


CHANDO’s star shaped lipstick, MAC golden star lipstick #chilli #lady bug, ARMANI #405 #206 | Source: MeasureChina

New: Marie Dalgar Knight lipstick

Issue maker/Personification concept and visuals

  • The Knight lipstick series was designed under the concept of “Medieval female heroin” and has a pattern that symbolizes chivalry on its case. It is easy to use as well. Simply pushing the middle part of the case where it says the name of the brand will make the lipstick pop up automatically.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-18.png
Glittery gold color, Chivalry pattern, Pushing the button for use | Source: MeasureChina

  • The brand personified each of eight colors with specific female spirits that reminds one of elegant and brave women. The red colors are also made to fit Asian skin tone, and consumers seem to be satisfied with the products. This lipstick series possesses both the design features and personification factors that make it enough to be a hot issue.


High-tech helps solve nuisance

  • The new lipstick series is a result of two years of R&D with French design team. It is not only beautiful but also very convenient for people to use.
  • It has a shape of a “rhombus(奶油菱形切面)” so that even people who is using a lipstick for the first time can apply it easily. Also, it succeeded in satisfying two crucial factors in lipsticks: “duration(掉色)” and “dryness(拔干).” The new lipstick contains 30% of essence to moisturize the lips and uses patented microsphere technology(微球科技) based on toner for long lasting color.


Successful Tiktok marketing

  • A product with a unique concept can easily to go viral in no time through social platforms. Marie Dalgar took advantage of this, using Tiktok as its main platform of launching and marketing the new lipstick.
  • According to Tiktok popularity index, Marie Dalgar’s score started rising since Oct. 21st and reached its peak on Oct. 23rd.

  • One can easily find Marie Dalgar related contents on Tiktok. Contents regarding Knight lipstick seires has been increasing through KOLs, and they lead consumers to purchase the product by providing a link.
  • As of Nov. 3rd, there are 11 contents that Marie Dalgar collaborated with KOLs with more than a million followers. Out of these KOLs, Li Jiaqi(李佳琦) and Cici(柚子cici酱) each have more than 10 million followers(Li Jiaqi 34.6 million, Cici 17.3 million). Contents were mainly uploaded right before the pre-sales season of Single’s day, Oct. 16-18th (7 out of 11 were released during this period).
  • One common feature of these collaborated contents was that they were all followed by a link to Tmall for direct purchase. As of Nov. 1st, the number of lipsticks sold through Tiktok contents reached 36,552, and the revenue was 5.1 million yuan, which is an amazing achievement through Tiktok marketing.

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