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Beauty Ecommerce Trends: Brand Collaboration

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  • MeasureChina has picked and analyzed a total of 87 brands including Top 25 from China, Top 15 from Japan/Korea/US/France and major brands from other countries(MAC, Armani, etc.) on their collaborated and newly launched products.
  • Out of these 87 brands, 17(including 14 local brands) have launched either new or limited products for Tmall Double 11 shopping festival. Their main target was Jiulinghou(the generation born in the 90s) and Generation Z(those born after 1995). The products fall into one of these three categories.

  1. 1. Brand collaboration
  2. 2. Pop culture collaboration
  3. 3. Crossover collaboration


Ecommerce Trend 1: Brand Collaboration

  • Triggered by the Forbidden city(old palace in Beijing) edition, the popularity of ‘Chinese style’ limited editions is on the rise. Now we witness an increased number of collaboration subjects such as Summer palace, Dunhuang Museum, Chinese geography, and etc., and companies are active in creating a new Chinese concept with the involvement of artists.
  • While local brands are most active in Chinese style collaborations, global brands such as Jayjun, MAC, and Estee Lauder are also making attempts in creating a similar styles of collaborations.



Ecommerce Trend 2: Pop culture collaboration

  • Locals brands aim for capturing the younger generation’s attention by collaborating with pop culture characters from animations, games, and movies. Apart from famous overseas characters such as One pice or Iron man, we also see products with local anime characters such as 哪吒, 魔道祖师.

Ecommerce Trend 3: Crossover collaboration

  • We also see cosmetics brands that collaborate with popular tea shops such as HEYTEA or LELE CHA, and during this Single’s day the collaboration between YUNIFON and 茶颜悦色 drew much attention. Florasis launched a limited number of makeup set with design inspired by Xihu(West lake) of Hangzhou, where the company’s headquarter is located.

Collaboration marketing case

  • PECHOIN’s Dunhuang edition skincare set, PROYA’s One piece mask pack, Perfect Diary’s Chinese geography eyeshadow palette all sold more than 100 thousand units during pre-sale period of Single’s day.


PECHION, PROYA, PERFECT DIARY’s collabs | Source: Tmall flagship store of each brand

  • The three products shown above were sold at 40~60% discounted price, and also provided additional discount during balance payment. KOLs such as Li Jiaqi and Viya mentioned these products, further boosting the pre-sales.

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