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Rising ingredient “Zinc”

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Ingredient is the center of attention

  • As beauty industry matures, consumers pay more attention to ingredients of cosmetics products. More and more Chinese consumers are going toward that direction

  • Ingredients that is highly loved by Chinese consumers now are the ones such as hyaluronic acid and nicotinamide that is effective in brightening and moisturizing. This is exactly in line with the features that people require from skincare products

  • Figure1 below shows the revenue of products that is under each ingredient name as keywords, for Jan-Aug 2019.

Figure1. Revenue trend of products with the ingredients | Source: MeasureCommerce

  • In August 2019, the revenue of products including the keyword nicotinamide reached 470 million yuan. Considering that the revenue of total skincare category for August was 4.8 billion, the products associated with nicotinamide takes up about 10% of skincare market size

Figure2. Weibo engagement trend for major ingredients | Source: MeasureInfluence
  • Monthly trend of the number of postings also shows that nicotinamide and collagen are the center of attention for many consumers

What is zinc?

  • Zinc is an ingredient that is mainly effective for soothing, anti-inflammatory and sun protective features. Given that local consumers’ major concern is brightening, zinc have not received much attention yet.
  • However, in terms of sales growth of August from July, zinc (27.4%, mom) showed the second highest growth rate after nicotinamide (52.5%, mom).
Figure3. Aug-July mom sales growth for products under key ingredients | Source MeasureCommerce

  • Cosmetics containing zinc are widely available overseas. Zinc does not incur serious clashes with other ingredients, thus can be included in many skin care and sun care products.
  • Brand ranking under zinc is as follows
Table1. Brand ranking related with zinc | Source: MeasureCommerce

  • The performance of top two brands are prominent. The Canadian brand the ordinary gained its fame mainly thanks to its essence products that contains zinc.

  • This product contains 10% of nicotinamide (= niacinamide) and 1% of zinc. It gained extra popularity after Li Jiaqi recommended the product.

    스크린샷 2020-12-17 오후 6.57.00Figure4. Search result of zinc cosmetics in Xiao Hong Shu | Souce: MeasureChina

  • Xiao Hong Shu as well as Weibo shows the rising popularity of the ingredient. Just by searching keywords such as zinc(锌), cosmetics(化妆品), zinc essence(精华) shows that the product by the ordinary is the most quoted one under the keyword.

  • The number of social media postings referring to zinc is steadily increasing, excluding seasonality. It is an ingredient worth following up just as nicotinamide and collagen as of now.

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