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Promotion timeline for China e-commerce 2020

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  • China’s e-commerce platforms including Alibaba offers various promotions differing every month. Looking at Tmall/Taobao’s promotions, there seems to be a certain patterned annual events that occurs at a specific time of year. About 80 promotions take place in one year, and MeasureChina has summarized a dozen of them that is essential for brand managers to know.
Figure1. Annual promotion timeline | Source: MeasureChina

  • Single’s day marks its 11th anniversary this year, and is the largest discount event of the year in China. Sales revenue of 215.3 billion yuan (including all categories other than cosmetics) occurred only on the 11th of November last year. Some other important events of the year are 618 festival(the biggest event in the first half), Women’s Day on March 8, Mother’s Day on May 8. Both women’s day and mother’s day have women as main target. These are the days when cosmetics brand focus a lot on discounts. Companies also aim for May 20, which is a day dedicated for lovers.
  • In the second half of the year, events such as the 88VIP membership and the 99 Juhuasuan festival will be held. For consumers, co-purchasing or annual membership is a cheap way to buy expensive brands’ products, so cosmetics brand managers use this as an opportunity to inform consumers about their high priced lineup.

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