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Makeup While Masked? China is Setting the Trends

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As the US CDC issued new guidance on the use of “face coverings” on April 4, the US and other Western countries may also see an uptick in discussions of Mask Makeup.

There have been more than 1,300 posts about “Mask Half-face Makeup” (#口罩半面妆) on Xiaohongshu, a Chinese e-commerce and social media platform that is especially popular among women born after 1990. Views of these posts exceed 1.2 million. Similarly tagged posts are appearing on Weibo and Tiktok as well. The latter has even started a “Mask Makeup Challenge”.


口罩妆(Mask makeup) in Xiaohongshu





美妆薯 has 4.5 million followers and was the first Xiaohongshu user to upload a post with the Mask Makeup hashtag. The video, which quickly went viral, shows how to apply a simple foundation and focuses on attention-grabbing eye makeup.

Source: Xiaohongshu [link]






















口罩妆(Mask makeup) video by Chinese color makeup brand Judydoll. Makeup is applied mainly on the upper part of the face that is not covered by the mask.

Source: Xiaohongshu [link]










What to Look for with Mask Makeup

Mask Makeup falls into two main categories: Eye makeup that emphasizes the upper half of the face and base makeup that does not rub off on masks.

Eye makeup: Brands like MAC and Judydoll held events that incorporated wearing mask makeup.

Base makeup: The key factor is to wear makeup that lasts long and stays on. Must-have products were mostly finishing powders such as Florasis’ air powder. Foundation and powder compacts are the most likely beneficiaries of this trend.



口罩妆(Mask makeup) on Weibo


Mask makeup video taught by photo printing service company | Source: Weibo [link]

Posting on 口罩妆 that went viral on Weibo | Source: Weibo [link]

口罩妆(Mask makeup) challenge on Tiktok



Tiktok mask makeup challenge | Source: Tiktok [link]

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