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Chinese Makeup Trends: Makeup for Students

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Chinese Makeup Trends: Makeup for Students, A keyword that Cosmetics Products in China Can't Miss

  • One of the most frequently encountered keyword from local cosmetics brands’ marketing is ‘student(学生党).’ Korean brands do not necessarily use this word to target the specific age range, but Chinese brands and consumers often use this word. 

  • During this January to August, the total number of products selling under the keyword ‘student’ is 2.3 million, and the revenue is 8.8 billion yuan.

  • The keyword refers to the population of teenagers that is so-called Gen Z. They are a very distinguished group of consumers in a sense that they do not stop themselves from investing in how they look and feel. The brands are trying to capture the attention of this age range by using the term ‘students’ in their marketing scheme.

  • The keyword is widely used in skincare products as well as base makeup and lip makeup categories.

Market analysis

  • Revenue for the past two months have been somewhat sluggish, but overall the monthly sales are on a rising trend, with an average of 1.1 billion yuan. Total sales of skincare category for the month of August was 4.7 billion, so ‘student’ makeup market size is roughly about a quarter of skincare market.

  • The ranking for the products that are sold under the keyword ‘student’ is as follows.

  • All the brands in Top 10 are local, except for AHC which ranked 7th place. AHC often uses the word ‘student’ when selling skincare set products.

  • Consumer reviews for AHC products mention that they are ‘not greasy, feel light on the skin, and are suitable for students.’

  • Keywords related to ‘students’ are as follows. Eye-catching ones include keywords such as moisturizing, hydration, and facial cleanser that are highly related to skincare.

Commonalities in student makeup

  • Skincare products that are famous for targeting students are, in general, focused a lot on hydration. Most of them contain ingredients and texture that is highly concentrated on moisturizing rather than enrichment or nourishment. This explains why facial masks ranked a high place in products ranking list.

  • In case of color makeup, students seem to have a tendency to prefer strong colors. Especially when it comes to lip makeup products, they seem to show preference toward deep red colors over natural, nude tones.

  • Brands and products that are loved by students prove to be loved by other age groups as well. Now the keyword ‘student’ has come to encompass a wider range of population, starting from middle school to high school students to university students and young employees that have just started working. With its low and approachable price, these ‘student’ products are easy to repurchase, leading to even more popularity. Hence, the student makeup category is expected to show constant growth going forward.

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