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Forecast 2020 Beauty Trends in China

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The 2020 NEXT CHINA SEMINAR will be held on December 10th, at Tokyo Big Sight. During the seminar, MeasureChina will be capturing the changes in China’s beauty market and hoping that many beauty brands could find some hints and be ready for the China market in 2020.

Holly Kim, Head of Data Business at MeasureChina will introduce trends inChina’s online beauty market by analyzing 73 million beauty products that generated the transaction of 1.5 billion items.

She will be sharing detailed sales information that has occurs for the past year, and what beauty brands need to focus in China in 2020. The main agenda will cover about Platform / Category / Marketing of China’s cosmetic market.




“Right now, the distribution channel in China is moving from Taobao to Tmall, This meaning that less DaiGou (Taobao sellers) and more revenue to brand flagships. Consumers are buying more certified brands now.” quoted from Holly Kim.

She will tell us why these changes are occurring in the market.





Analyzed the biggest growing category from Oct. of 2018 to Oct. 2019. Holly has announced that the Cleansing category has grown at 156% per year, followed by Base Makeup at 109%, Skincare at 98%. And She’ll be sharing details one by one.





Alibaba offers various promotions within a year period. And the biggest promotion day, Single’s Day (Double Eleven) has just over.

During the Single’s Day Festival, what brands made the most sales, and tracking back to different promotions to find hints for the next season.



With the rapidly changing market like China, what should we need to prepare for the next year?


Find out where 2020 China online cosmetic trends will lead us in

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