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The Ecommerce and Beauty Trends in China 2020

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In 2021 THE NEXT China Online Global Beauty Seminar, Holly Kim, the Head of Data Business from MeasureCommerce shared the beauty trends and e-commerce trends in China 2020. Let's take a look at the highlight of her insightful data-based market analysis.



Roundup of the Chinese Online Beauty Market in 2020 

China's online beauty market had developed fast thanks to the efforts of e-commerce giants led by the Alibaba Group (the owner of e-commerce platform including Taobao, Tmall, AliExpress, and etc.). When taking a look into the overall online beauty market, there are some overall trends worth mentioning.

As more consumers buy online, the size of the online beauty market grew by 26% in 2020 compared with 2019. The number of Chinese consumers who buy products online has reached about 660 million in 2020, among whom, 60% are born in the 1980s and 1990s. The characteristic of this group of consumers is that, instead of putting price and quality of the product in the first place, they have a preference for products with unique “brand story”, “contents”, and those that can reveal their personality. Accordingly, more beauty brands are reflecting these features in their product development and marketing campaigns that considers such preference of the young generations.


지현님_1 (1)

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Another trend is the explosive development of live streaming e-commerce. As more people started to work/study from home after the corona pandemic, the topic #蹲直播 (#Dunzhibo eagerly waiting for the live streaming) became a hit in social media. One of the reasons why consumers love live streaming is that influencers usually provide discount links in the live broadcast. Around 70% of consumers watch with Alibaba's live broadcast platform (Source: China’s Consumers Association, March 2020).



Image Source: Paul Felberbauer (Unsplash)


Post Corona Skincare Trends: Spotlight on Three Keyword

  1. 1. Anti-aging


The market of functional products with effects beyond basic skincare such as moisturizing keeps expanding, among which the "anti-aging" product line saw a strong growth of 108% in 2020. In addition to anti-aging, sales of skincare products related with anti-aging special for youth, antioxidant, and anti-glycation effects also grew by 70~150%.

  1. The demand for anti-aging effects is on the rise not only in the skincare category, but also in the scalp care category, growing rapidly by over 127% in 2020 compared with the previous year. That’s because consumers perceive "the skin of the scalp and face as one". Data proved that anti-aging scalp care products, especially anti-oxidation products, still have the potential to grow.



Keyword analysis dashboard provided by MeasureCommerce


2. Professional Skincare


With increased daily-use of masks, the professional skin care category (targeting problems such as sensitive skin and acne problems) has grown by more than 100%. However, as keywords related to “derma” cannot be used in China, brands pursuing professionalism in dermatology such as Winona, Laroche Psay, Avene, and Skinceuticals showed a strong tendency to demonstrate their pursuit through monopoly on specific ingredient keywords and collaborations with dermatologists.

지현님_3 (1)

Keyword analysis dashboard provided by MeasureCommerce


3. Hygiene and Cleanliness


As the awareness of personal hygiene enhanced after the corona pandemic, sales of hand, body, and feminine hygiene products increased by 256%, 87%, and 225% respectively. Chinese consumers actively react to posts on social media about that women should not be shy to take care of female hygiene that’s crucial for their health.

Six of the TOP 10 brands in the hygiene category are global brands, and are mainly appealed by keywords like #卫生(hygiene) and #菌群平衡(vaginal flora balance). On the other hand, local brands showed greater focus on male products and those with whitening effects.


지현님_4 (1)Xiaohongshu: social media and e-commerce platform in China


Apart from analyzing the overall market trend in 2020, Holly also shared other aspects of the Chinese beauty market, and analyzed strategies for the country's biggest online shopping festival, Double 11. Cathy Tian, the MeasureCommerce's data analyst based in Shanghai also joined to talk about Chinese consumers' growing concerns over "sensitive skin problems", which led to brands' efforts enhancing the image of professional skincare to meet the increasing needs.


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