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China Beauty Industry News: Tmall Best Sellers, L'Oréal China... (Apr)

Posted by Shulin Zhao


01 - 7 New Beauty Brands Got into the 2020 Tmall Top 200 Brand Ranking


Tmall Best Seller Ranking is an important indicator of brands' popularity, adaptability, and potential in the Chinese market, as e-commerce has become such a strong growth engine for businesses in the country with more than 660 million consumers shopping online last year. 

Seven cosmetic brands have newly got into the 2020 Tmall TOP 200 Premium Beauty Brand List, four from China, and one each from France, Japan, and South Korea.


China ecommerce Tmall Brand Ranking

Source: MeasureCommerce Tmall Brand Dashboard


2020 has been a hard year for the beauty industry with the impact of Covid-19, and such fast online sales growth tells a lot about these brands' efforts in localized marketing campaigns, especially in terms of live e-commerce and cooperation with Chinese influencers.



02 - L'Oréal China, Impressive Online Market Growth

L'Oréal China witnessed a soaring sales growth of 27% in 2020 despite the influence of Covid-19. 60% of the total revenue is contributed by the online market. Thanks to O2O apps and diverse e-commerce strategies, L'Oréal China managed to double its turnover through social e-commerce in 2020.

According to L'Oréal, the Asia-Pacific region was the only region with positive growth last year. To make the most of the "golden triangle of beauty"between China, Japan, and Korea, Shanghai has been upgraded to be L'Oréal's headquarter in North Asia.

L'Oréal China, 60% of revenue from E-commerce

Souce: L'Oréal BEAUTY HUGEVOLUTION Conference (29 Mar 2021)


03 - CBD Cosmetics May be Banned or Regulated in China 


China's National Institutes for Food and Drug Control is considering putting a ban on CBD cosmetics (products with ingredients derived from the cannabis plant). The institute is calling for public opinions about this that can be submitted until April 19. 

Sales of CBD cosmetics in China showed rapid growth in recent year, represented by brands including Origins, revolution, the body shop, and many Chinese local skin care brands such as Simpcare, One Leaf, and Skin Menu.

CBD was listed as legal cosmetic ingredients in ChinaIn in 2015. This new proposal showed increased concerns about the security of cosmetic ingredients, and brands with CBD ingredients shall be prepared with corresponding strategy 


CBD cosmetics may be banned or regulated in the Chinese market

China's National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (26 Mar 2021)


04 - Professional Skin Care Showed Great Potential


Winona is a fast-growing professional skin care brand in China. Yesterday, its parent company Beitaini (贝泰妮) got listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, currently ranking first among A-share companies of skin care brands with a total market value of 70 billion RMB.

It is estimated that by 2024, China's functional skin care product market will reach 101 billion yuan, accounting for 22.9% of the overall skin care market.

The mother company of Winona launched IPO



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