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Rising Demand for Organic and Natural Skincare Products in Malaysia

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Organic skincare is made with ingredients that meet the same standard as organic food which means no harsh chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. Natural skincare, on the other hand means something derived from nature and not man-made. Using organic and natural skincare products means saving the skin from dangerous and harsh chemicals. It will be also gentler on the skin. In Malaysia, consumer preference of natural and organic skincare products is on the rise.


Why Malaysians prefer Organic and Natural Skincare?


01 Skin Problem

Acne, eczema and sensitive skin are common skin problem among Malaysians due to air pollution and sun exposure, they prefer organic or natural products which will be milder on their skin.

02 Product Knowledge

Consumers in Malaysia are more aware of how their purchase decisions have an impact on the society and environment. Additionally, social media has also given consumers a platform to share their feedback about the products and also helped them become more informed about organic or natural products. Based on an article published by Janio, consumers in Malaysia with strong knowledge of natural ingredient benefit are willing to pay more for skin care products made from natural ingredients.

03 Homegrown brands

A few homegrown brands like Root Remedies, The Mine Raw, Claire Organics, Lave Republic, Kopara Essentials and Tanamera which purely focusing natural and organic skincare and body care are booming.



Rootremedies believes in less is more



Themineraw believes in fewer ingredients, superior results


Guardian Malaysia also supports organic in its ingredients and being natural to promote the healthy beauty living lifestyle. Natural Skin Care was even added under skin care for easy navigation.



Guardian Malaysia supports natural skin care


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