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Beauty Trends 2021 | Get Data-based Beauty Insights (July 1)

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Publish Date:1 July 2021


Summer is Coming Together with the Wave of Cooling Skincare Products! 🧊

As the summer is approaching, #cooling related keywords and products are showing a strong growing trend! According to MeasureCommerce's data dashboard, from 0.9M RMB this March, sales of cooling related Tmall and Taobao skincare products have surged to over 3M RMB in April, and the highest-ever 16M+ RMB in May. This increase can be largely attributed to the Chinese brand One Leaf. Korean and Japanese brands are also launching innovative products loved by consumers. 

Cooling skincare product trend

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Anti-aging Skincare, Consumers are Asking for More!

Below is the brand ranking by the sales revenue of skincare products! With the rise of anti-aging products since last year, the battle between skincare brands is getting fiercer with more diversified products and the "proof" of claimed functions.


Anti-aging skincare


The performance of Proya is eye-catching with the overwhelming growth rate of anti-aging products. This owes largely to its active efforts in applying the "dual anti-aging" concept to real product functions and designs, as is reflected on the Elastic Brightening Youth Essence below.

Proya Essence Product

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👉Brands cooperate with dermatologists to earn the trust of consumers.




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