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Beauty Trends 2021 | Get Data-based Beauty Insights (June 25)

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Publish Date:25 JUNE 2021


6.18 Online Shopping Festival lasts for one month, making a new record

Major e-commerce platforms in China extended the big sale period to one month to stimulate demands, as is Alibaba's agenda below. According to employees from P&G and L'Oréal, companies start to prepare for the "battle" from as early as March.

17_618_chart (1)


Beauty and Personal Care ranked 4th this year, and global brands prevailed

Global beauty brands showed eye-catching performance, thanks largely to active efforts in various localized marketing campaigns not only on e-commerce platforms, but also in offline stores and social media channels like Tik Tok and Kuaishou. 


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Clean Beauty Trend: #SoberBeauty# did one thing right to be the dark horse!

Since Jan 2020, clean beauty products in China saw growing trend in both online sales and social media engagement, but most were skincare products. Sober beauty broke the stereotype to be the first clean beauty makeup brand ... read more



Premium Market: consumers are willing to pay more for quality products!

The market share of premium-priced beauty brands in China have increased by over 6% this year. While US and French luxury brands remain the biggest players, a group of Asian and European brands are catching up quite fast... read more

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 1.31.31 AM


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⬆️ Colorkey's(CN) air lip glaze is the best-seller (by volume) of all beauty products.

⬆️ The history of whoo(KR) shows the highest increases in sales of over 200%.

⬆️ The brand ranking of Cosme Decorate(JP) increased from the 19th to the 8th.

⬆️ Eye Cream Products increased by over 75% in online sales.

* Data Source: MeasureChina E-Commerce Dashboard (April 2021 ~ May 2021)


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