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Beauty Trends 2021 | Get Data-based Beauty Insights (April 06)

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Publish Date: 06 APR 2021


1. Seven beauty brands owned by the L'Oréal Group recognized China as their biggest market. 60% of L'Oréal China's revenue in 2020 is contributed by the online market. more

2. Cosmetics with ingredients derived from cannabis plant may be banned in China. more

3. BTN, the mother company of the popular Chinese brand Winona launched IPO. more


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Facial Cleanser Products' E-commerce Market Structure Changed Greatly in 2020



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The market share of premium cosmetic brands grew, surpassing 40% in 2020.

7 premium brands are new on the Tmall Top 200 brand list, among which 4 are Chinese domestic brands. Within the premium line, the portion of skin care products (compared with makeup) also showed growing trend, reaching over 85% in Q4 2020. 

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Luxury brands known for color makeup show increased interest in skin care 

With increased daily-use of masks after Covid-19, Chinese consumers showed growing concerns over skin care. A number of luxury brands famous for makeup products have released skin care products since last year, and below are some examples:


Tmall Links:  Armani / YSL / Bobbi Brown / Dior


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