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Beauty Trends 2021 | Get Data-based Beauty Insights (March 15)

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Publish Date: 15 MAR 2021



3-MINUTE BEAUTY TRENDS, take as little as 3 minutes every day to catch up with beauty trends in Asia.

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A Chinese local brand’s essence product saw soaring growth in 2020, coming ahead of renowned global beauty brands. What was its key to success? 

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Skincare Routines

Do you know the “Morning C Night A” skincare routine? It didn’t go viral on Chinese social media platforms by chance. Consumers' increased knowledge about product ingredients also accelerated the trend.

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Non-Sheet Masks

The market share of non-sheet masks, especially the mud mask category, shows a rising trend. What should traditional players that mainly focus on sheet masks do to cope with the new challenge?

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2021 THE NEXT China Seminar went live on March 4. Directors and managers of global beauty brands (L'Oréal, The Estée Lauder, Shiseido, Amorepacific and etc.) from Korea, Japan, China, USA and Europe attended the seminar. Let's take a look at the highlights.


2020 Beauty Market Overview (Recordings)


Experts talk about China beauty trends and Chinese consumers

Seminar Q&A: Speaker Feedback



Check out global brands' newly launched beauty items in recent months!

Matte Lipsticks Is Showing Rising Trend Over Glossy Lipstick

Matte lipsticks have been showing rising trends in terms of e-commerce sales and the number of social media posts, while glossy lipsticks show the opposite. Trend Report

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Social Media Post Trend

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E-Commerce Sales Trend


New Lipstick Products Launched (2020.10~2021.2)


*Product launch times are based on brand activities in the Chinese market. 



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